1. Stormy Skies in Grayton Beach: The Perils of a Beach Photographer

    Grayton Beach, Florida

    The Perils of a Beach Photographer: This day in Grayton Beach, Florida was a typical day in Florida this summer. It started out gorgeous. The skies were clear and the sun was shining.  I often check the weather forecast, but for whatever reason they are never right so I didn’t check the weather on this day.  I started to load up my jeep and I felt a huge gust of wind. I noticed that the weather was changing quickly! I couldn’t believe it, but I’m not sure why I couldn’t believe it. The Florida weather is typically a mystery. It can storm in 0.3 seconds without any warning. On the flip side, it can be storming all day long and right around sunset completely clear up and be absolutely gorgeous. On this day, for whatever reason, I was shocked.  I hurried to my session and checked out the beach and watched the clouds roll in with a force. It was an amazing sight to see, and made for the prettiest backdrop.  My client Lisa and her family were amazing. We played in the water and played on the land. It was a blast! I met Lisa earlier this year when I attended the NAPCP 2015 Retreat in Whistler. She was (and is) so incredibly sweet and made me feel so welcome at the Retreat. I was so excited when she contacted me to do her family photos. I only wish we had more time to hang out and catch up! I’m crossing my fingers for next time Lisa! :)

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