1. Sunshine…

    Today is a very non eventful day.  The sun keeps peeking out of the clouds to tease me, then goes back into hiding.  My glamorous job (motherhood) has had me running around like a crazy person trying to keep my house together, my babies together, myself together.  I officially have 3 children in school 3 days a week now.   That leaves Lyla home by herself 3 days a week.  I thought that I would have so much time to catch up on work, keep the house clean, and play with my youngest.  I was so wrong.  I guess that is life right?  Now, Lyla is napping and I have some time to share some more beautiful images of the lovely Anjolie.  I had given a little preview of this session on Saturday.  If you missed it you can see it here.  I just adore the light in these images…

    These below just make me wish for warmer, sunnier days..  Isn’t it crazy how just moving a few yards and can drastically change the look of the session??  I love how different these look.  :)


    1. Angel

      lovely, beautiful pictures…you are so talented…it really is inspiring how driven you are and how accomplished you have become….love you!!

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