1. Sweet 16

    Well, today I feel old.  *insert pout*  I know that I am only 29, but I can’t help but to think back on the days when my baby sister was, well, just that…  A baby.  I used to calculate how old I’d be when she hit certain milestones, or how old she would be when I hit certain milestones.  Would she be old enough to babysit my children if I got married and had kids at 25?  How old would she be the year I turn 30?  The answer to that one is 16.  Sweet 16. Well, today is that day.  My baby sister isn’t a baby anymore.  She is 16.  What. am. I. to. do?

    Here is my baby sister in all of her sweet 16 glory.  I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more lovely girl to be my sister.

    I love you Bethy Boo Boo Head and I’m so proud of the beautiful girl you have grown to be.


    Sissy xoxo



    1. Angel

      Happy Birthday Bethy!!! I remember the day she was born…omgoodness….nichole it makes me feel a little old too! Happy Sweet 16 pretty girl!!

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