1. The Blustery Day as a Destin Beach Photographer

    Destin, Florida


    When I arrived to the Beach at Pompano Joes for this Destin, Florida family session I got a bit nervous. We had already pushed the date back (due to weather) to the last day this family was to be in town so I knew there was no way we could reschedule. I was nervous because the moment I got to the beach I could see how windy it was. Don’t get me wrong, the beach is always windy and I love a good windswept photo, BUT the wind on the beach on this day looked like a mini sand storm. All I could picture was sand in their eyes, hair completely over their faces and tears. Lots of tears. I gave myself a pep talk, and told myself that I could manage something beautiful even on a Winnie the Pooh style, blustery day– so that I did. I’m pretty sure my clients, Nick, Meghan, and Grace had no idea I had a moment of nerves when we first met. We found a little access that had dunes on each side blocking the wind and took some beautiful photos there. We got a little brave and headed towards the water and played in the sand for a bit and I noticed the wind was starting to die down. By the end of the session the wind had pretty much died down completely. I was so happy! The session had gone even better than I could have ever planned. I’m so thankful for clients that trust me completely with their photos. I love what each unique family brings to a session. Watching Nick, Meghan and Grace interact organically was one of my favorite things. It makes looking at the photos at the end of a session like Christmas to me. Check out this beautiful session below.

    Destin beach Photographers DestinPhotographer2 DestinPhotographer3

    Most Treasured Moment

    "My favorite part of this family session was seeing Little Grace's parents light up each time she smiled at them. Those feelings can't be put into words, but they convey in photographs. It's why I love what I do."

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