1. The Enchanted Sessions

    Christmas is almost here  Sooo yeah, I started writing this post a few days before Christmas which was typical for last year. My busy, busy schedule rarely allowed me time to just sit and share with you all my latest sessions and bits going on in my life. I had good intentions, but life happens. I do believe that this year will be different as far as blogging goes.  :) I’ll make time to share all the beautiful things planned for this year (my actions will be released around March! Yippee!) and new goals I have for myself.  One thing I wanted to share with you  last year (it’s been in the works for years now) was one of my most prized new products.  :) I call it my Enchanted Session.  It’s a custom session that you will not find anywhere else.  If you are interested please contact me and we will begin the process of your very own Enchanted Session.  Below is a little of what this ES is all about…

    The Very Real Princess

    Written By: Nichole Burnett & Laura McPhail

    Each morning, little Cali rises from bed and wipes the sleepies from her eyes.  She fills her belly with an assortment of delectable treats.

    Once her morning meal ends she hops on her majestic steed and gallops to a place that only she knows.

    While at her magical location she spends the morning reading in hope of learning about how to become a princess.  For becoming a real princess is Cali’s biggest dream.

    She spends the rest of the day exploring the wonders around her and dances without a care in the world.

    To Cali’s excitement, her wandering leads her to a hidden labyrinth.  As she travels through, her imagination flurries and she dreams of fantastical fables.

    As she dances around, something catches Cali’s eye.  As she draws closer, Cali discovers a magical Forrest.  She decides to stop for a bit to converse with the woodland creatures.  As she speaks to her new found friends, they share a secret that fills her heart with great joy.  Though she wishes she could stay longer, she realizes that night draws near.  She sweetly pats her friends on the head and places a kiss on their cheeks.  She then hurries to make her way back home.

    As Cali wanders back through the magical wonderland, she can’t help but giggle.  She is bursting with excitement, she can’t wait to share the stories with those she loves back home.

    Once Cali retires to her plush chamber, she finds her loyal woodland friends eagerly awaiting their bedtime story. As she’s reading, her friends realize that this is no ordinary tale.  This is a magnificent narration of her adventures!  At the end of her story, she reveals the secret that her woodland friends told her, her friends look at each other, their eyes wide with amazement.  She can hear them whisper, “Could this be true?”

    She looks at them with the most serious of faces and says, “Oh yes, my little ones, this is very real, for I am PRINCESS Cali, the very real Princess.”


    That is just a small preview of what my Enchanted Sessions are about.  For more information or to commission your very own Enchanted Session please contact me. :)

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