1. The Grayton Beach Photographer Adventure

    Grayton Beach Photographers

    Grayton Beach Photographers~

    This session is one of my favorite sessions to date.  I absolutely love the childhood make believe aspect of this photography session.  The boat, the colors, they absolutely make me swoon.  I planned this session with Katie (momma to these two gorgeous babies).  She contacted me about a week before they were to be in town wanting something whimsical and dreamy.  I had the boat already from a shoot I did for The Fort Magazine.  After a coat of paint I was in search of a pretty sail.  I had gone to a thrift store and found this pretty fabric for $2.00.  I was so happy!  The star garland had been waiting for the perfect session and I decided this one was it. Originally I had wanted to actually put the boat on water near a dock and this fabulous location, but when I went to scout the area I saw that the dock had been completely replaced and in turn it didn’t have the same charm I was looking for.  At first I was so bummed, until I found this pretty spot in Grayton Beach.  It was perfect and this session just fell into place.  I couldn’t be happier.  :)  Thanks for looking!

    After these fun images were taken of these two gorgeous kiddos, I met up with their parents and took some amazing family portraits!  You can see those images here!  Trust me, you seriously don’t want to miss them!




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