1. The Reeves Family

    I don’t know where to start really.  Greg grew up in Sandestin with my husband.  I’ve heard story after story of the things Greg and Steven used to do.  Trips to Six Flags, firework obsessions, elaborate tree houses, surfing–they did it all.  Steven’s stories of his childhood make me so happy.  (I should actually write a blog post about his childhood.  You probably wouldn’t believe me though.  Did you know that he took Tom Lester to ‘show and tell’ when he was in the 5th grade?  Okay, I’m getting off subject.)  :)  You can image my excitement to finally put a face to the name when I met Greg, except it didn’t really happen that way.  I met Greg in my backyard in the middle of the night when it was dark outside.  Strange?  Yes, but there is a logical explanation that would take a while to explain so I’ll not go into specifics.  ;)  I remember my husband introducing me while I held my iPhone flashlight in Greg’s direction.  Poor guy, I wasn’t even thinking about blinding him.  Anyway,  a few emails with his beautiful wife and a session was on the schedule!  Jessica is such a sweetheart!  And their son?  Oh my goodness!  He is just the cutest little guy!  Check them out at the Village at Baytowne Wharf!


    1. Jessica Reeves

      Nichole – I LOVE these!!! They are beautiful! You captured our family perfectly! I love the lighting – so beautiful! Thank you, thank you!!

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