1. Trick or Treat

    This is such a fun holiday to celebrate as a child and as a parent.  I adore dressing my children up, and watching their pure delight in all the candy people give them.  When you’re a child, candy makes everything better right?  :) This year Collin is officially “too old” to wear a costume, but  he isn’t too old for candy.  Caleb is going out as a Knight…  I think the whole sword and shield won him over.  Halle of course had a costume meltdown which led to the purchase of two new costumes for her to choose from this morning. (Thanks La La!)  I’m not sure how such a little person can be so dramatic.  My Lyla is going as either a butterfly or a ladybug.  I’m not sure which one yet.  The ladybug is too big, but she really, really loves it.  She is so cute, as soon as I put her little lady bug wings on she smiles and spins in circles.  Well, it’s more like a walking spin, but it’s adorable none-the-less!  I hope all of you have a happy holiday this evening!  From my family to yours Happy Halloween!!!  Here is my Princess Halle in her fairy costume.  Only time will tell if this will be the lucky costume she picks or not…


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