1. What Family Photography Means to Me

    Rosemary Beach, Florida

    Family photography, to me, is more than just a day to put your prettiest outfits on and head to a scenic location for a bunch of posed family photographs. While there is nothing wrong with posed photography, it’s not exactly what I do or what I want for your session. I want more for your family than just a pretty picture, I want to make memories. I know that sounds cliche, but I am 100% serious when I say that. I want you to look back on these and remember the time you had while you were on vacation, and also the fun you had during your photography session. I want you to laugh and smile when you remember how your children played and totally soaked the beautiful outfits that you picked out with such thought and care. Because let’s face it–it’s not about the clothes or the pretty smiles. It’s about the belly laughs and the family time. It’s about the look on your child’s cheeky little face when they get to kick the water at their photographer. It’s about the deep belly laughs when the waves beat you in a game of tag. I truly believe that the most beautiful photographs come from a great time, with movement and with love. It’s my goal to make that happen for your session. Real smiles are contagious and they are the key to a great family photography memory.

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