1. Santa Rosa Beach Maternity Photographer

    Santa Rosa Beach Maternity Photographer ~

    Santa Rosa Beach Maternity Photographer

    Grace is one of those people that you meet and instantly feel like you have known them forever.  When I first met her we talked about many things, but one thing that came up was her readiness to start a family with her husband.  Not long after that talk, I found out that she was expecting.  :)  I was so happy to hear that.  I patiently waited to get word that we could officially do maternity pictures.  Well, sort of patiently… I may have emailed her a few times to see if she was showing yet so that we could set a date.  Fast forward to the day of our photography session.  When I saw her get out of her car at Eden State Gardens, I was amazed at how gorgeous she looked.  Don’t get me wrong,  Grace has always been beautiful, but this day was different.  I’ve heard of ‘pregnancy glow’ even though I’ve personally never experienced it with any of my pregnancies, and sure enough… that was it.  She looked so beautiful.  Glowing skin, thick gorgeous hair, and a radiant smile were all that I could see. Grace and Evan, I hope you enjoy these images.  I can’t wait for you to finally meet your beautiful baby boy. XO, Nichole

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